I don't live near Born Guitars® - How do I know my build feels and sounds just right?

To be frank, we are probably more particular than you are. W e work with you to confirm every detail of your guitar, and we are obsessed with getting it right. After all, we want you to be ecstatic about your new guitar.  When it comes to necks we measure the shape and size down to 0.001" (One - One Thousandth of an inch) or 0.025mm (25 Thousands of a millimeter).  

Essentially we obsess over the details, and we never cut corners.  When we are shaping your neck we are thinking about what you prefer and your playing style.  All we care about when we build your guitar is you.

Finally, if for some reason you don't like your neck, then we can make adjustments or even make a new neck for your guitar. How often do we have to do that? Well, so far never. We've been in business for over 10 years, and we've never had a request to adjust the neck shape (feel) or swap out a neck for a customer.  

How's that possible? We believe the neck is the most important part of the guitar, and we go far beyond almost any builder in the world when it comes to the feel of your neck and fretboard. So every time you play a Born Guitar® Neck, you're playing the best guitar neck in the world.

As for tone - we play it before we ship it to you, and we make adjustments if to make it sound and play its best.  We can even send you an audio sample. Worst case scenario is we make some adjustments or even swap the pickups out for something you like better. We want you to be happy - that's it.

We've only had a couple guitars ever come back to the shop.  Twice for electronics modifications, and once because an oil finish needed to be touched up. 


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