What can I expect when working with Born Guitars®?

At Born we treat each customer with the upmost respect and attention, and we build every single guitar as if it was for ourselves.  We take great care each step in the process to ensure your guitar is excellent and to your specifications.

Here's is an example below of the typical process we use for designing and building with Born Guitars®. Every customer has different needs so these steps are flexible:

1. Phone Call &/or email about initial ideas and design direction

2. Key elements of the design determined including Body Shape, Bridge Style, Headstock, and general ideas on finish, pickups and wood choices

3. Wood species selected and wood options pulled from inventory

4. Wood choices finalized (Customer &/or Master Luthier pick from the best options)

5. Design is finalized with CAD (Computer Aided Design) and customer approves the final look, including custom control layouts, custom inlays and orientation of unique wood tops.  Final details regarding neck shape and dimensions are also noted in the customer's specifications

6. Custom finish samples are provided to the customer for final approval of look and color. Any special parts are ordered at this time.

7. Neck and Body are made from scratch to the customer's specifications using the specific woods selected for their guitar.  CNC Technology is used to precisely machine each part to within 0.001 of an inch.

8. Guitar Body is Finish sanded and goes to finish.  If you wish we will start providing teaser photos of your guitars progress.

9. Neck is hand shaped to final specifications, and the fretboard and frets are finished to the best standards in the industry.  Each neck is hand checked for excellent feel and playability. 

10. Guitar is assembled, setup, and evaluated to ensure every detail is just right. Your guitar is ready, sound and looks great! Let's celebrate a new Born Guitar® legend!



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