Our Warranty & Refund Policy:

Our number one priority is to build you the absolute best guitar we can possibly make.  We put a lot of heart and focus into each build, from the design process to the final assembly and setup.  If you are not satisfied with your guitar, then within reason we will do whatever we can to make you 100% satisfied with your custom guitar or accessory.  If you aren't 100% happy with one of your design choices, we are happy to adjust it for you.  Depending on the nature of the change there may or may not be a fee involved with the change order.  If you are not satisfied due to a manufacturer's defect, then at our discretion we will fix or replace the item at no additional cost.  The purchaser is responsible for shipping costs unless we determine that the issue is a manufacturing defect.

Refunds on Production Guitars

(not custom orders):
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then you may return it for a full refund less shipping within 14 days.  The guitar or accessory must be returned unused and without any signs of use (Ex. Playing scratches).  We will provide the refund once the guitar or accessory has been received and we confirm that it is in new condition.  If we receive a guitar with signs of use or damage, then at our discretion we may or may not provide a partial refund. Purchaser is responsible for shipping back to us.

Custom Orders:

This refund policy only applies to the deposit on a new custom order and to custom guitars that are subject to manufacturer's defects, and this policy is at our discretion.  If you cancel your order once we have begun a build, then we will determine whether or not any partial refund can be made. This is dependent on several factors, including but not limited to, complexity of design, unique features, rarity of materials, and how far along the build is. Once a build has started, and due to the nature of custom orders, a refund is not usually an option once resources and significant time have been committed to your custom build.  All refunds are at our discretion. Rest assured that you will have every opportunity to work with us on the design of your custom guitar or accessory, and approve the designs.  If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your order once you receive it, then please call us immediately so we can work with you to rectify the situation.  In most cases we will go above and beyond (at our discretion), to make sure you absolutely love your new custom guitar.  
Our contact info:
*or reach out directly to your luthier.
Please send all returns to:
Born Custom Guitars, LLC
1716 Main St.
Ste A 172
Longmont, CO 80501


(Currently $1000 for 2024, $1,100 for 2025):
Your deposit on a new custom guitar is 100% refundable until we've started the design process (does not include free consultations and proposals). If you want to cancel your order during the design phase and before we begin your build, then reach out to us immediately and we will consider a full or partial refund of your deposit, at our discretion. We will not provide a refund of your deposit or other payments if we determine that we have already provided significant design services to you, but we will keep a credit on your account for the deposit amount, which can be used in the future towards any Born Guitars purchase. Some examples of significant design services are any one of the following, but not limited to, computer aided designs and mockups of your custom guitar, multiple (2 or more) emails or phone calls with a customer regarding details of your design, or finish testing. We always provide free consultations to new customers, which do not require a deposit. Please feel free to reach out and discuss your project with us before making a deposit.

Guitar Refund:

Only if the guitar does not function as promised, and or the design is not what the customer signed off on. This is at our discretion.  We will aim to rectify the situation and fix or replace any guitar that is not satisfactory, at our discretion.


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