What's the Deposit for? How do payments work?

A $1000 deposit is required to hold your place on the waitlist and in the production line. This deposit also allows you to reserve specific wood pieces, and to work with our luthiers to complete your design before we start your custom guitar build.  Learn more about Our Process and Contact Us to reserve your place in production and start designing your guitar.  We are here to help!

Once you reach out to us to order a guitar or join the waitlist, then we will send you a deposit invoice with payment links.  

After your deposit is paid you're set on payments until we are ready to start cutting wood to create your guitar's neck and body.  We will ask for a second payment before we begin cutting out your parts equal to 50% of your price (minus the $1000 deposit).  The remainder of your balance will be due before shipment or pickup of your guitar. 

You may also request a special payment schedule that better fits your timeline and budget.  Please Contact Us if you are interested in alternative payment schedules. 


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