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This is your future vintage guitar — an instrument that will last for generations. We combine proven building methods with modern technology to build instruments with incredible tone, playability, and personality. See below to learn more about some of the features that are born to every single one of our instruments.

your future vintage guitar
OG Carve LTD
OG Carve LTD

Hand-Selected Tonewoods

Each piece of wood is carefully selected with your style & tonal goals in mind. Resonance, superior sustain & road worthy durability. You will enjoy working with our expert luthier to select the perfect combination of woods suited to your playing style and desired music genre(s).

Sample Selection
Claro Walnut
Claro Walnut
Myrtle Wood
Myrtle Wood
vintage tone guitar modern tone guitar modern hot tone guitar

Tailor your Tone to your Personal Tastes

Our attention to detail, passion and use of the best pickups available are all mixed together to give you incredible tone. We offer Singlecoils, Humbuckers, P90s & Lipstick pickups in a variety of tonal flavors & finish options. (Piezo & Active Systems also available)

  • Vintage
  • Modern
  • Modern Hot


Dark Bright


Low High

A Great Neck is Key to a Wonderful Guitar

Our building process, ergonomic heel shape and hand shaped necks allow for effortless upper fret access, the ultimate natural feel and uncompromised playability for a lifetime. Our proprietary bolt on neck system provides the 'best of both worlds' by providing superior strength, rigidity and sustain.


Ergonomic Heel Shape & Press Fit Compression Neck Joint

Our neck joint is engineered to be as strong and rigid as a glued in neck, but with the ability to repair or replace the neck (Ex. the airline breaks your headstock off) without sacrificing sustain or tone. This enables you to effortlessly drive your creativity and style throughout your Born guitar and straight into your amp. No undertone is lost, and notes are articulate, flexible and sustained. It all starts by building our necks so that they must be press fit precisely into place. The neck is then locked into place with automotive grade threaded bolts. All this boils down to excellent playability and superior tonal range.


Tension Correct Neck Design

Our neck building process ensures that your guitar will play its best for years to come by shaping your neck under simulated string tension. This means that unless your changing string gauges or tunings you'll almost never need to adjust your truss rod. This is your Future Vintage™ Guitar.

Gold Top

Hand Finished Necks

Every neck is hand shaped and finished for unparalleled feel and playability. If you go custom our master luthier will work with you to design the best shape and size to match your playing style and hand size. All our guitars come standard with binding style fret ends. That's Right! No fret ends - just like a bound neck, so you will never have to feel or see those awful sharp fret ends found on most guitars. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it because we know you will absolutely love it!

Our Neck Shapes
Guitar Neck

Boutique Quality Components

Break new ground with the finest components available, custom pickups, and custom control designs. #UltimateTone You will love your custom electric Born Guitar! YES! Nothing to upgrade!

Guitar Components

Sprague Orange Drop Capacitors

For Smooth, Rich Tone

Switchcraft Switches

The Best in the Industry

Gotoh 510 Series Tuners

Ultra Smooth, Ultra Reliable

Switchcraft Switches

Only the Best in a Born!

Oxygen Free Silver Coated PTFE Wire

Full Tonal Transfer, No Hum

Handmade John Page Woodtone Bridges

Absolutely Spectacular Tone & Sustain

Hand Wired Electronics

Military Grade Specs

Dunlop Strap Buttons

Standard on Every Born Guitar

Handwound Pickups

Pick Your Poison

Active Pickups

You Want It, We Got It!

Carbon Fiber Tone Bars

Increased Harmonic Resonance

Vintage Spec Handwound Pickups

How Can they Sound So Good?!

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  • All Born Standard Features
  • Vintage or Hot Pickup Winding
  • Choice of Selected Solid Color Finishes

Ltd Custom

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  • Series

  • All Born Standard Features
  • Luthier's Choice Prime Tonewoods
  • Choice of C, D or Soft V Shape Neck
  • Choice of Pickup Winding
  • Choice of Selected Custom Level Finishes (Options vary by Model)

Rock Star

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  • All Pro Custom Package Options
  • Choice of All Standard & Private Reserve Woods
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  • Choice of Any Control Layout and Switching Options
  • Choice of Fretwire Size
  • Choice of Al La Carte Options
  • One-On-One Design Experience with Our Head Luthier
  • ATA Custom Flight Case
  • Born Custom Buffalo Hide Leather Strap
  • Upgraded Lifetime Warranty
  • Flight & Hotel in Denver Area
  • 10% Off Future Guitars
  • Apparel Git Bag(Hat, T-Shirt, Hoodie)