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The Vision

The Possibilities Are Limitless

Welcome to Born Guitars, where extraordinary craftsmanship meets your unique vision. Envision a guitar that doesn't just play music, but narrates your story, reflects your essence, and embodies your style.

With custom builds starting around $5k, your investment goes beyond monetary value. It's a commitment to creating something unparalleled in uniqueness, tailored precisely to your tonal preferences and aesthetic desires.

Embarking on this journey with us is a seamless, guided experience. We're here to ensure that each step of the process, from initial vision to final touches, is attuned to your personality and preferences. This collaboration results in more than just a guitar; it creates a unique beacon of your musical identity.

A Born Guitar isn't just an instrument; it's a piece of art — distinctively yours.

Book Your Consultation

Begin your journey with a 30-minute consultation with our head luthier, where your imagination kickstarts our collaborative creation. This initial conversation is your entry into a world where your creative vision and our master craftsmanship unite.

Explore the artistry behind our work, grasp the intricacies of our design approach, and initiate the crafting of a guitar that reflects your individuality.



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