Guitar Pickups (Part 2): Choosing the Right Pickups

Choosing the Right Pickups for Your Style 

At Born we like to keep things simple even though the options are virtually endless, and when choosing the proper pickups for your custom build it's no different.  There are literally thousands of a pickup options on the market today, and picking a set of pickups that looks, feels and sounds just right for you can be a daunting task.  We've created a simple framework to help you hone in on the perfect set of pups for your new Born Custom Guitar.  Of course we are always happy to help you decide what will work best for your style, tonal goals and rig.

First think about the Style and Tone you are going, and from there we can hone in on a few good options.  If you like a combination of styles, then you can blend directions to land on the right pickups.  

Tip: Don't forget that you can vary pickups (Ex. Bridge Humbucker & Neck P90)


Here are just a few examples*:





Pop Clean & Articulate Singles Low
Jazz Expressive & Touch Sensitive, Darker P.A.F. or P90 Low


Twangy & Bright Tele Singles Low to Medium
Classic Rock Warm Breakup & Overdrive P90 or Humbucker Low to Medium

Modern Rock & Hip Hop

Full Range from Clean to Warm Overdrive to High Gain Humbuckers Low to High
Metal Tight, Punchy & Singing Sustain Humbuckers High

 * This is not 'set in stone', and all pickups can be used for all styles of music depending on your tonal goals. 


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