Guitar Electronics

Guitar Electronics

One of the most enjoyable and expressive aspects of electric guitar is the ability to shape your tone beyond your playing style and components such as pickup and wood selection.  Electric guitar is unique compared to many other acoustic instruments in that they give us the ability to adjust, tweak, play and even create effects simply by messing with our Tones, Volume and Switches.  For years guitarists, builders and technicians alike have been messing with custom control configurations and fancy wiring tricks to hotrod their guitars. Today guitarists have an extensive array of tonal and expressive options at their fingertips.  At Born we are well versed in custom wiring configurations.  When you design your custom guitar with us tell us about your needs and we can design the perfect control and wiring configuration to bring creative magic to your fingertips. 

Guitar Knobs, Switches and Buttons

At Born Guitars® we make designing your control layout easy with computer aided design (CAD).  CAD allows us to design your guitar and your guitar's control layout in a 3D virtual space so that we can precisely design the layout of your controls based on your personal preferences.  Whether you want 4 knobs and 6 switches or just a volume knob (that's it!), we will provide you with 3D images and drawings that allow you to confirm specific control locations, and view the control layout from multiple perspectives, including your typical playing position.

Guitar Control Layout & Dimensions

Boutique Quality Components

Born Guitars® only uses the best component available on the market and hand wire each guitar to your specifications so that every custom ends up with their very own signature model.  You don’t have to be a touring musician to get treated like a king.  Whether you’re a hobbyist, collector, just starting out with guitar or a touring musician, we treat everyone’s build the same way – with the utmost care, respect and attention to detail.

Custom Electronics

All Born Guitars® custom builds are capable of being designed with custom electronics.  We can handle almost any setup you desire. Some examples include:

  • Custom Wiring, Control Configurations and Layouts
  • Pickup Splitting and Tapping
  • Phase / Out-of-Phase Switching
  • High Pass Filters
  • Super Switches
  • Active electronics & Pickups
  • Onboard effects (Ex. Boosts, Fuzz, Delay, Overdrive)
  • Kill Switches/Buttons (Momentary Switches)
  • Sustainiac™ Systems
  • Piezo Setups
  • Midi Systems


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