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Wonder what else makes us unique? See what some of our customers and artists are saying.

Carving wooden guitar frame

I already own one custom Born Guitar, and I can tell you the next guitar I buy, will be another custom Born Guitar…!


Thanks for making the single best song writing buddy I have ever had. This was a huge step for me… Was I even worthy of even owning a guitar of this value? What in the world could this quality of a guitar do for me that I haven’t seen or heard yet? This guitar erased all self-doubt and proved instantly to be a highlight in my life. I have recorded and written several new songs truly inspired by this guitar. If you have a crappy bag of golf clubs and you want to be a better golfer, buy some new clubs.. The best clubs! If you want to be the best musician you can be, buy the best quality instruments available! I will never regret this purchase! Neither will you! Buy a Born guitar! Join the Born family!

Thanks to Campbell and all the others involved in building this masterpiece from Born guitars!


Fellas – I absolutely love my guitar. Wow.  Y’all nailed it.  You built an incredibly beautiful instrument, and I’m very thankful.  Y’all have been fantastic to work with, and I cannot wait to get to playing my new buddy.

Parker - Nashville, TN

The articulate nature of this guitar is the best I have played. I love it.

Galen Weston - Toronto, ON

“My Born guitar is simply the finest instrument I have ever held”


You knocked this one out of the park Jay! I own 15 great guitars from both big manufacturers and boutique builders, and this one blows them all out of the water.  I don’t think I’ll play anything else again! Everything about this guitar (Redwood LTD) is truly amazing. The way it looks, the way it plays and feels, Everything. The neck is super comfortable, the action is perfect, and those P90 pickups are really incredible.  I can get any tone I can think of out of this guitar. Beautiful chiming cleans, check! Singing, soaring lead sounds, check! The range of tones available just with the volume control and how hard or soft I pick is just incredible.


I have been using my “Born” guitar for about a month now, and it has become one of my main guitars.  It is perfectly up to my specs and it plays with so much personality.  It’s exciting and joyful each time me and “Pistachio” get together.  These guys really pay attention to details and character when building their guitars. Love it!

Anders Osborne - New Orleans, LA

I love the guitar! The sound crew at Brauntex theatre is the same sound crew of Gruene Hall. We were playing a tribute to Merle Haggard and those guys were blown away. To quote them “at times it sounded like a telecaster, 335 and pedal steel…I had to lookup to see what you were playing.”

Image: Kenny's friends know how much he loves his Born so for Kenny's birthday he was surprised with a Born Guitars custom guitar cake, which was modeled after his Redwood & Swamp Ash OG-Carve.  

Kenny Grimes - Bastrop, TX


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