I could not be happier or more satisfied with the guitar that the Born folks built for me. It is an OG Drop with redwood top, Port Orford cedar back and neck, catalox fingerboard, chambered body, incredible hand wound PAF pickups, J.P. Woodtone saddles, and chambered body. The sound, the action, the looks, everything about this guitar knocks me out.

I was looking for a solid body guitar to use for jazz and was not finding a T-style guitar that I felt comfortable with. Campbell at Born walked me through the build decisions on the phone, validating my choices and helping me in areas I didn’t know enough to decide wisely.

There is something very alive about the sound and feel of this guitar, more so than any other I remember playing. It has that sweet jazz tone in the bottom and middle yet keeps just the right amount of openness with a tiny bit of shimmer at the top. It is strung with TI flat wounds that work great. There was an issue with intonation using J.P. Woodtone saddles that the Born folks solved. They also rewired the tone circuit for me with just the right combination of capacitors to get the tone curve I was hoping for.

The Born commitment to sustainability is important. I love that the redwood top is from a scrap of an 1880s cutting and the POC was harvested from trees that were killed in a forrest fire. And those woods not only have soul, they sound incredible together. The clear finish makes them look great. And the guitar is a lot lighter than others.

So this OG Drop is now my favorite guitar and probably will remain so as long as I play. I think it is perfect. Thanks, Born.


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