How long will it take to get my guitar after I order it?

The average duration from the time your order is finalized to when it arrives at your door is about 3-6 months.  This can vary depending the complexity of your guitar, type of finish, and the woods you choose for your guitar.  We strive to deliver your guitar in about 3-4 months, but at Born quality always comes first so complex highly customized guitars can take significantly longer.  This period also provides ample time for woods to stabilize after they are shaped in each process of the build.  For example, after the initial shaping of your neck it will rest so we can see if the wood moves at all.  This allows us to ensure you will have a nice stable guitar neck.   Wood is an organic material, which means each piece of wood has its own unique characteristics.  We handle each piece of wood differently depending on these characteristics, and because each of our guitars are one-of-a-kind we need to take extra time to make your dream guitar perfect.


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