The LTD Series: A Simpler Way to go “Custom”

The LTD Series: A Simpler Way to go “Custom”

A few months back we introduced our new “LTD” line of guitars. While many folks took to the concept right away, some were curious about how the LTDs differed from our other instruments, why the prices were different, and so on. In short, the LTD’s are limited edition guitars that are mostly spec’d out, but still customizable with select features important to the player. But why offer these “different versions” of the models that we already offer as fully customizable and what is the value of this LTD line to the common guitarist?

“Full Custom”…“LTD”..? What’s the difference and why?

Born Guitars started with a relatively straightforward product offering: four different guitar body styles that can be customized to virtually any degree desired by the customer. Some people approach the guitar on a very granular level, taking into consideration the effect that every little detail of the guitar will have on its tone, timbre, feel, and playability. These players love this freedom of choice and really benefit from our Full Custom line of guitars (check out the “Full Custom” option in our Guitar Builder). However, there are lots of great players out there who don’t want to worry about the minutia, they simply want a guitar that sounds great, feels great, and has some sex appeal to boot. And who could blame them? We certainly don’t and it was our desire to accommodate these guitarists that spurred the conversation. Thus, from the invaluable feedback of players in this camp, the LTD Series was born (pun intended).

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Our Virtual Builder provides freedom and a virtually infinite number of ways to customize whichever Born model you choose. While this is great for some customers, other players seek a simpler process and don’t like the inherent unknowns. Enter the LTD Series.



The LTD series removes much of the risk and unknowns that are inherent with ordering a custom guitar – “if this guitar has never been built before, how do I know what it will feel and sound like?” With the LTDs, you can see exactly what the guitar will look like and you can even watch and listen to demo videos to hear how it will sound both clean and overdriven.

What exactly is so “limited” about the LTD Series?

Instead of putting the onus on the customer to spec out every little detail of their guitar, the LTD’s are almost completely spec’d out by us. We design these instruments based on particular guitars that we’ve either found to be very special or guitars that are meant to cater to a particular style of player. For example, at one point our LTD OG Drop may be outfitted with an Alder body, low-output single coils, and a full contact t-style bridge and geared towards achieving twangy country tones, the next LTD iteration of the same chassis may feature a heavily chambered Mahogany body, f-hole, and full-bodied humbuckers and therefore suited for traditional jazz voicings and playing styles. Each LTD version will only be offered for a limited time and in limited quantities – we set aside materials to build a predetermined quantity and once the corresponding orders consume those materials, we will change things up. This allows us to keep things fresh and continually renew the LTD options to appeal to a wide variety of players and styles.

So are the LTDs “custom” guitars or not, and how are they priced?

While the LTDs are not as customizable as our Full Custom option, they are indeed still customizable and built to order. The customer will have the freedom of customizing two or three of the really important features of the guitar like neck shape, pickups (whether it be two different options for pickup arrangement like HSS or SSS, or the voicing/output of predetermined pickup arrangement), and sometimes the finish. Therefore, the LTD’s are still built-to-order custom guitars, they’re just not quite as customizable as our flagship line, and for good reason. With our Full Custom line, you start at a base price for any given model which already includes a plethora of custom options. However, there are also ‘a la carte’ options that can be selected for additional cost. With the LTDs, some iterations will possess certain a la carte features while others will have only those features included in the Full Custom base price, but in either scenario the LTD guitars will always be offered at a special price point – usually in the neighborhood of 10% less than they would have costed had a customer spec’d out that particular guitar while it was not offered as an LTD. So if you find a certain LTD model appealing and particularly well-suited for your playing style, act fast to take advantage of this special value!

Hopefully, we’ve cleared up any questions you might’ve had about the purpose and value of our new LTD Series. If you’re still scratching your head, please contact us with any additional questions or comments that you might have about the LTD Series! If not, check out our current lineup of LTDs and stay tuned for the LTD that’s just right for you!