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Finest Instrument

“My Born guitar is simply the finest instrument I have ever held”

K. Allums -

Amazing Guitar!

You knocked this one out of the park Jay! I own 15 great guitars from both big manufacturers and boutique builders, and this one blows them all out of the water.  I don’t think I’ll play anything else again! Everything about this guitar (Redwood LTD) is truly amazing. The way it looks, the way it plays and feels, Everything. The neck is super comfortable, the action is perfect, and those P90 pickups are really incredible.  I can get any tone I can think of out of this guitar. Beautiful chiming cleans, check! Singing, soaring lead sounds, check! The range of tones available just with the volume control and how hard or soft I pick is just incredible.
John B. - New Jersey

Blown Away!

I love the guitar! The sound crew at Brauntex theatre is the same sound crew of Gruene Hall. We were playing a tribute to Merle Haggard and those guys were blown away. To quote them “at times it sounded like a telecaster, 335 and pedal steel…I had to lookup to see what you were playing.”

Kenny Grimes - Bastrop, TX

Kicks ass

The guitar guitar kicks ass thanks yall.

Black Joe Lewis - Austin, TX

I love it

The articulate nature of this guitar is the best I have played.  I love it.

Galen Weston - Toronto, ON

The best songwriting buddy I have ever had

Thanks for making the single best song writing buddy I have ever had. This was a huge step for me… Was I even worthy of even owning a guitar of this value? What in the world could this quality of a guitar do for me that I haven’t seen or heard yet? This guitar erased all self-doubt and proved instantly to be a highlight in my life. I have recorded and written several new songs truly inspired by this guitar. If you have a crappy bag of golf clubs and you want to be a better golfer, buy some new clubs.. The best clubs! If you want to be the best musician you can be, buy the best quality instruments available! I will never regret this purchase! Neither will you! Buy a Born guitar! Join the Born family!

Thanks to Campbell and all the others involved in building this masterpiece from Born guitars!

Steve - Kokomo, IN

The next guitar I buy...

I already own one custom Born Guitar, and I can tell you the next guitar I buy, will be another custom Born Guitar…!

Kyle - Kinosha, WI

Wow. Y'all nailed it.

Fellas – I absolutely love my guitar. Wow.  Y’all nailed it.  You built an incredibly beautiful instrument, and I’m very thankful.  Y’all have been fantastic to work with, and I cannot wait to get to playing my new buddy.

Check out Parker’s band MamaDear, named “Best Up-and-Comer” at CMA 2014 by  RollingStone.com

Parker - Nashville, TN

A solid road-worthy instrument, my Born guitar is like a new best friend

This guitar is a dream to play – exactly what I need for playing night in and night out The chambered body and humbucker pickups give it even more warmth and power than what I loved about my Les Paul. The Born team was great to work with through the entire design process and very attentive to every fine adjustment I needed afterwards. From the natural wood look and the custom inlay to all the nuts and bolts that give me everything I need for a solid road-worthy instrument, my Born guitar is like a new best friend. Thank you Born Guitars!

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Natalie - Denver, CO

The sound is amazing

First of all, I want to thank the whole Born Custom Guitar crew for this amazing piece of art.
Where should I start? I will start saying that the guitar is amazing itself. The materials used to build this guitar are awsome and the best part of it, is that all materials are selected with an ecological mindset. The sound is amaizing and the equipment installed is high end quality. The customization is excellent; BCG build this guitar for me as I requested. It fits like a glove and that’s why love playing it.

For anybody really interested to get an magnificent guitar, don’t look any further because what you get with BCG is not a simple instrument, it is a piece of art.

Thanks again to all Born Custom Guitar crew. You guys are amaizing artists. I wish you all the best and a lot of success in this business!!

Martin - Miami, FL

Everything about this guitar knocks me out

I could not be happier or more satisfied with the guitar that the Born folks built for me. It is an OG Drop with redwood top, Port Orford cedar back and neck, catalox fingerboard, chambered body, incredible hand wound PAF pickups, J.P. Woodtone saddles, and chambered body. The sound, the action, the looks, everything about this guitar knocks me out.

I was looking for a solid body guitar to use for jazz and was not finding a T-style guitar that I felt comfortable with. Campbell at Born walked me through the build decisions on the phone, validating my choices and helping me in areas I didn’t know enough to decide wisely.

There is something very alive about the sound and feel of this guitar, more so than any other I remember playing. It has that sweet jazz tone in the bottom and middle yet keeps just the right amount of openness with a tiny bit of shimmer at the top. It is strung with TI flat wounds that work great. There was an issue with intonation using J.P. Woodtone saddles that the Born folks solved. They also rewired the tone circuit for me with just the right combination of capacitors to get the tone curve I was hoping for.

The Born commitment to sustainability is important. I love that the redwood top is from a scrap of an 1880s cutting and the POC was harvested from trees that were killed in a forrest fire. And those woods not only have soul, they sound incredible together. The clear finish makes them look great. And the guitar is a lot lighter than others.

So this OG Drop is now my favorite guitar and probably will remain so as long as I play. I think it is perfect. Thanks, Born.

Howard - Louisville, KY

One of the most used guitars in the studio and has ended up on countless records

Buying a custom guitar can be a scary process. I am always worried about putting effort and money into an instrument that I wont get to play until its finished. When I started planning my guitar with the people at Born they made process easy and painless. I wasn’t familiar with all the technical specifications so instead they had me tell them what type of features I’d want and helped narrow down the specifics.
I’m a producer and the guitar would be living in a studio so I needed it to be very versatile. We landed on a Tele style body (their OG Drop model) with a Bigsby bridge. It has a single coil bridge pickup and a humbucker neck pickup with push pull coil tapping to use the single coil. They explained all of the types of wood and how each one would effect the tone. We went with a swamp ash body and redwood top. We were even able to chose the exact piece of wood so we would know exactly how it would look. For the neck, they asked which guitars at the studio I wanted it to feel most similar to. I showed them our original ’54 Les Paul Jr. They examined and measured the neck and said no problem.
When the guitar arrived, I couldn’t have been more pleased with it. It had great tone, complete versatility and quickly became my choice over any of the Telecasters in the studio. In single coil mode it had the brightness and chime that I would expect from a beautiful Tele without so much of the brittle twang. In humbucker mode it became thick enough for big rock tones and was my choice over many of the studio’s Les Pauls. The neck played like a dream and the thing kept its tuning through anything.
Since getting this guitar last year, it has become one of the most used guitars in the studio and has ended up on countless records. I would certainly use Born for my next custom guitar and would recommend them to any serious players looking a versatile and reliable guitar.

Noam is a producer/engineer at Rax Trax Recording in Chicago


Noam - Chicago, IL

Keep making great instruments

I just wanted to send a note letting you know how pleased I am with my Retro-Candy Apple Red-MG Carve Top (now name Lucy). She is absolutely beautiful and put a big smile on my face when I opened her case. The fit and finish of this guitar is outstanding and the details Campbell worked out with me to make this a one-of-a-kind instrument are really cool and well executed. How awesome is that dove and peace-sign inlay at the 12th fret!

One of my favorite aspects of the guitar is the walnut neck. It’s fast and gives the guitar a wonderful tone that is really unique. I’m glad Campbell suggested it. Anyway the looks, quality and most important the sound this axe produces have all exceeded my expectations. Thanks again and keep making great instruments.

Ken - Chicago, IL

Everything is either the way I'd always dreamed or, even better

“My Born Custom isn’t just the best guitar I’ve ever owned — it’s also the most meaningful. The look, feel, wood, features, everything is either the way I’d always dreamed or, even better, a new and better way I hadn’t even thought of until I sat down with Born for their extensive and inspiring design process. I play it for 95% of every live show now, a couple hundred in the last 18 months since I first got it, and can’t wait to get back into the studio soon to get it on record, too.

Check out Jesse’s band, Ark Life

Jesse - Denver, CO

I highly recommend Born to any guitar player

I couldn’t imagine a better team to have built me a custom guitar than Born. Their workmanship, attention to detail, love and passion for each and every guitar is apparent from the very first day of the process. They work incredibly hard to ensure that your guitar is perfect for you. Not only is the tone beautifully rich, full of sustain, dynamic and versatile, but it reliably feels and plays unbeleivably comfortably! Born is the real deal. As a regular gigging musician, my MG Carve has become my primary instrument that I place above my several other very high-end big name guitars. I am regularly complimented on its tone and strikingly beautiful aesthetics. I highly recommend Born to any guitar player.

Nick Carruth - Boulder, CO

It plays with so much personality

I have been using my “Born” guitar for about a month now, and it has become one of my main guitars. It is perfectly up to my specs and it plays with so much personality. It’s exciting and joyful each time me and “Pistachio” get together. These guys really pay attention to details and character when building their guitars. Love it!


Anders’ Website

Anders Osborne - New Orleans, LA

My favorite guitar in my collection

As a guitar collector, I have been wanting to add a specific type of guitar to my collection that I pictured in my head and could not find on any shelf. So I looked into a custom guitar and a fellow musician told me about Born. Boy did they deliver! My MG-Carve has become my favorite guitar in my collection. Its natural, smooth, and feels broken in like I have been playing it for years.

What struck me the most was the quality and workmanship put into it for the price. As my friend puts it (who has over 40 guitars in his collection), it sounds and feels like it should cost a lot more. Now he is having his “Born” shortly. Could not be happier with the final result and how accurate the guitar was to my vision!

DJ - Chicago, IL

A work of art, truly one of a kind

I love my Born Custom guitar. First of all it plays and sounds amazing. Secondly it is a work of art, truly one of a kind. I receive so many compliments on its sounds, playability, and looks. such a great value.

Sean - Denver, CO

Such a great instrument

This guitar continues to be absolutely awesome. It sounds great with any of the styles of music I’m playing in my two bands. Thank you for such a great instrument.

Eric - Fort Wayne, IN