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SUSTAINable Tone – The Current State of Guitar Tonewoods

SUSTAINable Tone – The Current State of Guitar Tonewoods

Woods owns have been taken for granted for centuries.  This is not to say that the craftsmen or customers of fine wood products have not appreciated this wonderful natural resource, but rather, that relatively little thought or action has been devoted to ensuring that we don’t consume this resource so quickly that we harm the environment and/or threaten the existence of any given species.  Only recently have we become aware of the fact that our consumption of wood – or, in many cases, over consumption – cannot continue at its historical rates.  Unfortunately for some species of wood, this regardless realization has come too late.  Several quintessential guitar woods have been pushed to brink of extinction in recent years due to decades of over-logging and illegal trade.  Moving forward, we must find a solution to this problem to make sure that the woods we cherish today and the forests they come from will be around long into the future.

But what is that solution?  Using more sustainable alternative materials to wood?  For every Apparel traditional wood product that can easily be produced with a more sustainable alternative material, there are just as many products for which no suitable wood alternative is believed to exist.  Many people believe that the solution is to only use sustainable woods.  But what are “sustainable” woods and is wood really a sustainable material?  By definition, a material is sustainable if it is created from resources that are managed in a way that can be sustained over an extended period of time such that the resource is not depleted, nor its natural environment harmed.  This is essentially wholesale jerseys China the opposite of the traditional logging methods that prevailed for centuries and caused the destruction of millions of square miles of natural forests. However, over the past two decades or so, awareness has increased and cheap nba jerseys sustainable forest management has become a growing trend.

Private non-profit organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council have effectively promoted responsible forest management and developed certification systems for wood products that “provide consumers with a tool to influence how forests worldwide are managed.”  Collaboration between international governments created the CITES treaty (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which functions to ensure that the trade of various materials, including woods, is conducted in a way that does not threaten the existence of the species’.  Finally, the Lacey Act prevents the import, export, or trade of any illegally obtained or transported wildlife species.

Organizations and pieces of legislation like those mentioned above are extremely valuable in regulating the use of wood and treatment of forests.  However, for a new era of responsible forestry, harvesting, and commercial wood trade to really work, there must be a deep level of commitment and cooperation from all parties who use this precious resource.  At Born Custom Guitars, we are dedicated to doing our part to ensure that the wood we use for our guitars is as sustainable as possible. We go to great lengths to verify where our wood comes from, that is obtained in a responsible manner, and that our suppliers provide sourcing documentation for each and every piece.  Nearly every piece of domestic hardwood (Maple, Swamp Ash, Alder, Basswood, Walnut, Redwood, Port Orford Cedar, Pistachio, Myrtlewood) that we stock is either 100% FSC Certified, FSC Controlled Wood, salvaged, or reclaimed.  All of our imported wood products cheap jerseys (Mahogany, Granadillo, Catalox) are Lacey Act compliant and most of them are also 100% FSC Certified.  Despite our sustainable sourcing efforts, at the end of the day we are still consuming a very valuable resource.  To offset the impact of this consumption, we have committed to planting a minimum Nk of 100 trees each year in addition to the one tree that is planted wholesale jerseys for every guitar mundo! sold.  To carry out this initiative, we partnered with the Hardwood Forestry Foundation whose award-winning sustainable forestry program has already restored more than 6,000 acres of ecologically critical public lands and productive forest.